Dynamic Devotions for Kids

50 Dynamic Bible Devotions for kids in two levels (5-8 and 9-12) which capture their attention using object lessons, activities and games to reach them with a Biblical message. Themes included are: Don´t judge others, Christ died for me, God in First Place, Love in Action and Shine your light. 

Costo: (E-book) $3.99, (Manual) $6.00 (US Dollars) 

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Leaving Footprints:
Mentors that change lives

This books reflects about the several types of mentors that impact our lives over the years, based on my own life experiences. It also shares tips for choosing your mentors and invites you as well to benefit from those who enter your life for several reasons, to teach you something valuable, leaving a mark forever.

Cost: (Ebook): $2,99, (Manual) $5,00

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